About Getchem

Shanghai Getchem Co., 365体育投注网站 is a professional chemical distributor located in Shanghai. Based on the integration of global resources, we deliver chemical solutions for the customers from various industries including coatings and paintings, inks, sealants and adhesives, rubber, plastic, leather, textile, paper, personal care, agriculture and etc.

We are committed to providing professional and reliable chemical products and related services, including:
•   Diversity of products portfolio, sourcing from global manufacturers;
•   Strict safety and quality control to ensure stable and reliable supply;
•   Tailor-made and value-added services like blending, repackaging and formulation service;
•   Warehousing and inventory management in close proximity to customers;
•   Flexibility and speed of delivery;
•   Safe and convenient trading platform.


At Getchem, we are committed to improve our performance in the key areas of sustainability management. We established HSE policies in accordance with laws and regulations to provide a safe environment for employees and neighbors. We keep trying to reduce environmental impact in every business sectors like packing, transportation and recycling, and providing the sustainable solutions to our customers.



Product Portfolio

Sourcing from multiple producers globally allows us to establish a broad and complementary product portfolio for our customers. Bundling products from multiple producers also enables scope and scale effects that we can help our customers to reduce costs.



We built an efficient logistics system close to local customers which allows us to deliver our chemical materials with excellent speed and flexibility to our customers even for small size orders.


Safety & Quality

Safety is the first priority for all aspects of our business operations. We are committed to provide clean and renewable products that fulfill the criteria for environmental sustainability. We make sure all standard operating procedures related to the quality assurance are strictly implemented and continually improved to guarantee the safety and stability of our products and services.



The customized offering is the key point in chemical distribution industry. We can manage the repackaging of large containers into smaller units and the mixture of different raw materials to meet customer requirements. Apart from that, our chemists dedicated to update and improve the formulations for customers to enhance the performance.



The growing trend of globalization requires us to develop a global vision and to act in a global perspective. With years of business operations in China, we have built close relations with local chemical manufacturers and a deep understanding of the local market and laws. Furthermore, we are familiar with the rules and practices of the international trade. We are trying to provide smooth and efficient communications to start a successful cooperation for partners from different areas with different cultures.